Song of a falling Star

Song of a Falling Star

Gaining more and more Fans in Germany, I’d like to make my Saga available for English-Speaking readers.


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I have been a dreamer all my life, imagining worlds of fantasy and adventures as long as I can think. Then, out of a sudden, there were like voices in my head, an no, I didn’t went crazy. It was just the first time I could hear and see Fenia and Llewellyn telling me their tale. This time is a mere 17 years from now and the story was growing ever since. Erui still does. The first three books I finally published in their German version became so much bigger in any dimension, than I ever thought. And I even started a second trilogy in this world, something I never thought of only two years ago.

This is all thanks to my husband whoms critical comments made me rethink everything I first finishhed at the age of 18, yet it was not good enough in his opinion. Thus I reinvented a lot of scenes, characters and backgroundstories. The whole plot became denser and deeper, that nowadays I’m struggeling when asked to sum it all up in two or three sentences. The epic tale, that always was in my head, finally found a way on paper. It already made some fans here in Germany and now my deepest wish is to share it with people all over the world.

Therefore it needed to be translated.

As my close friends around me already know, I’m not a fan of half thought-through plans. First step was to create a pitch, that is hopefully hooking you up! I just wrote it above: Summing it up in a few hundred words wasn’t easy, but I tried. After the bookfair at Leipzig, where I received more attention than I hoped for, my plans were settled and I started to look for a translator.

I finally found somebody whose experience just perfectly fits my visons and we started working on the translation of all three books. One after the other.

I have received the first quater of the first novel so far and now I am really crazy about to see the rest of it. But for now:

Enough said, so here is my try of an english Pitch for you:

When a child dreamed the first of all human dreams, Gar’Erui, the world beyond the veils, came to life. Stars were lit in the night, the first moon rose above the first steep mountain peaks, a mighty heartbeat awoke, wings unfolded and Eruis first son – Thoran Bluedragon – was born.
Thus is the Song of the Beginning and it already foretold the end. Besides the dragons and the unicorns, both empowerments of humans most ancient impetus, other races were to come and populate the evergrowing wildernes of Erui. Eventually they would tame it; parts of it. But human souls are not only made of grace, generosity and love for all beeings. So when their first empires in this world came to fall and blood of hate and vegeance dripped through the veils, another kingdom rose behind the diamond glaciers. A heart, darker, more vicous and corrupted then anyone before, started pounding the dreadful beat, to which Erui was doomed to fall.
Not only once but twice was Erui since then overrun by the Shadow’s dreadful armys. Only the collective power of the Highkings, the poeple from the green isle, was able to stand against it and drove it back. In the older, golden days, they wove the ancient spell, bound to their blood, to keep the Shadow locked behind the glaciers, which turned dark, when HE first overcame them. Those days are now long gone. Somehow the Shadow managed to wipe out the entire line of Highkings, extinguish their blood and legacy from the magic world and thus the second time of darkness began.
Erui fought back and forth the evil demon’s myrmidons, knowing, that there is but one hope: That the Star of Erui might reveal itself, as it was promised in the Song of the Beginning. So Gar’Erui became a physical extension of the human mind, filled with the most wondrous, magnificent and cruel things. And noone knows that better than Fenia, the human girl who raised from the dead.
Not a word slips her tongue, when she returns back home four years after she has been suspeted to be killed by the boy she loved. Where she has been, what has happened – in Gar’Elahad, the human realm, nothing more than a mystery. Just like the shadowy creatures, that appear around her village.
Only Dave, father of one of her classmates, can draw the connection from her disappaerance to his own story. He immediately realises, what must have happened beyond the veils since he left: Erui is dying eventually, unless the ancient spell is woven again, and the redeeming star finally appears. Yet since Dave does not know any particulars and Fenia won’t tell, what really haunted and injured her, both, the human and the magic realm, remain doomed to fall to the alldevouring Shadow.
‘The Song of a falling Star’ is a journey through a magic world, that is like no other connected to the human realm. Marvelous and wonderfull like the Narnia Chronicles, yet dark and unforgiving as the Black Juwels by Anne Bishop, this story takes us to the deepest pits of our own souls, hopefully to reveal the light within.