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Lord of the Seven Kingdoms – a funtastic adventure (including a hamster!)

For my English speaking friends, I’d like to pitch this pearl from my mind. The first of all novels with a magical hamster!

Lord of the Seven Kingdoms started as the idea for a short story. Originally I wanted to take part in a competition. But as it often goes, the story grew just to big. Thus a new funtastic bookseries was born. And this is, what it is all about:


Zitara Zaylandra is a big one in voodoo business. Enchanting, banishing, decoursing – or the opposite, just as the customer demands. She left her dwarven clan setteling in the secluded cabin her grandmother passed on to her, only a rock throw away from the infamous cave of thousand wonders.

Her life is pretty normal, curing dragonpox and gargoyleblisters, but only till the night the gnomish masterthieve and jack of all trades Maljosh kicks in her door, confronting her with a very plushy problem. To save his hamster companion Ambros, they need to enter the cave and get to its deepest dungeons, where ghouls, vampirequeens and dragons only wait for wannabe heroes to cross their paths.

Maljoshs clumsyness and Zitaras overestimation of her own capabilities eventually make things worse. They hardly survive the dungeon, leaving it behind in ruins and while they are both now faced with their personal archenemy on the lose, hamster Ambros is limericking his way back to sanity.

Lord of the seven kingdoms is a funtastic bookseries who appeals to readers, that like fantsy with that certain touch of crazy madmans humour. Like in Pratchetts diskworld it combines the critical and the hilarious to concieve something intriguingly endearing.

Tausend Wunder … für die Ohren!!

Ich bin schon öfter angesprochen worden, warum es meine Werke denn nicht auch zum Anhören gibt. Das hier ist ein Testlauf, noch mit ein wenig amateurhafter Technik, darum das viele Rauschen im Hintergrund. Aber ich wollte euch nicht länger hinhalten. (Mein neues Mic ist auf dem Weg 🙂 )

Vorhang auf für meine grüngelockte Zwergin und ihre Freunde, den Dieb – oh pardon- den Wertumverteiler Maljosh und Hamster Ambros.


Episode 1: